Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Your body exactly

For some people this means a ‘New Years Resoultion’ to get into shape, do some exercise, etc.
It’s hard to achieve new or different results with the same thought patterns, so giving a little thought to the best way of achieving what you want will simplify the process & avoid flogging yourself for no results.

Think about YOUR BODY EXACTLY. Everyone has their own specific version of what looks great. We can all agree generally what is good looking, however wearing that body part as a new shape through muscle tone, posture and fat loss is another thing.

If you told me in training that you wanted a great looking butt like (insert your favourite here), it’s very important to define what you like about it:
The shape as the leg flows into the lower butt curve, the crest of the butt into the back, the overall size & tone, the upper thigh tone,……
Unless I know those exact things I might give you exercises that shaped your butt in a different way- a way you didn’t exactly like.
If you see what you want in photos, images etc, and then give yourself a little more detail about each body part, “I like the firmness of the lower back muscles without any muffin top sides, yet a rounded, soft and feminine butt”…you now have the goal shape firmly set in mind.
Look at images now to see how to train your muscle to that shape, and also how much body fat covers the muscle to soften or define it.
Your enthusiasm to think about your body and body shaping goals in this way, and maintain meal planning volumes will give you the shape you want.

Why do so many women find it difficult to have the body they want? Five reasons are :-
1. Fluid retention causes swelling and makes you look big.
2. Eating the wrong foods at the wrong time in your cycle definitely causes you to produce and hold body fat.
3. Some women are deficient in essential vitamins and minerals needed to start the fat loss process.
4. Women don’t know how much to eat each day for their healthy body weight and shape goals.
5. Women don’t know how much exercise is right for them.

Over the next 3 weeks I’m going to outline my way to consistent success in body management.

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