Monday, 9 January 2012

Mood to muscle

When a womans estrogen levels fall mid cycle to allow progesterone secretion there’s an associated drop in Magnesium. In the last article we discovered that chocolate cravings can indicate a Magnesium deficiency so let’s look at what Magnesium does in your body to see the relationship.
Magnesium is needed in your body from mood to muscle. It’s a catalyst in enzyme activity for energy production, and a deficiency interferes with the transmission of nerve & muscle impulses. Lack of Magnesium also causes irritability and nervousness.
Because it protects arterial linings & soft tissue it is a safeguard against cardio vascular problems. A study reported by the Journal of the American Medical Association showed a significant lowering in birth defects from Magnesium supplementation during pregnancy.
As women enter menopause estrogen levels remain low so the incidence of muscle cramping, stiff & sore muscles & joints, low energy levels, & just plain old being cranky can be more consistent. Also there’s chance that lower Magnesium will mean that chocolate treats are harder to pass up.
Did you know that there’s 11 minutes of exercise energy in a piece of chocolate the size of your index finger – hold your finger out & look at it - 11 minutes!
11 minutes multiplied by how many treats over how many months equals ‘I just don’t know why I’m putting on weight & I go for walks, & I don’t have time to do any more.’
More bad news is that alcohol consumption increases the bodys need for Magnesium, & large amounts of fat in the diet decrease absorption. 

Let’s look at another option. Reduce your amount of dietary fat - but don’t cut it out completely because you need it, give yourself one (maybe two) days a week that are alcohol free, eat Magnesium rich foods and end up being calmer with more energy. You can still eat as much chocolate as you like, but you might find you don’t think about or want it as much as you did, & cramping has diminished a lot as well.
Magnesium is in lots of food:
Green vegetables, almonds, wheatgerm, cashews (most nuts), kelp, meat & fish, apples, apricots, banana figs, garlic & alfalfa. You could almost make a days meal plan from them.

Have a good week

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