Monday, 30 January 2012

Thought blocks

Most thoughts in relation to food choice and body shape are segmented and random - “I want that piece of  cake NOW, pasta for dinner will be quick & easy, I’m having a fat day today”…..and so on through your day.
These thoughts come in response to how you’re feeling in the moment. They are thought blocks.
A block of thought about the cake, then back to work, then a block of thought about dinner, and your thoughts return to what you were doing, a block of thought about how you look in the mirror, then forward thinking to the next thing in your day - feed the cat, pay the bill, the deadline at work...
Whatever you think about comes in short, intense blocks, …bam, bam, bam!!, & you respond to the thought in the moment - eat the cake… set a mental need that pasta is the only dinner solution tonight; and feel negative about yourself all day!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Your body exactly

For some people this means a ‘New Years Resoultion’ to get into shape, do some exercise, etc.
It’s hard to achieve new or different results with the same thought patterns, so giving a little thought to the best way of achieving what you want will simplify the process & avoid flogging yourself for no results.

Think about YOUR BODY EXACTLY. Everyone has their own specific version of what looks great. We can all agree generally what is good looking, however wearing that body part as a new shape through muscle tone, posture and fat loss is another thing.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Mood to muscle

When a womans estrogen levels fall mid cycle to allow progesterone secretion there’s an associated drop in Magnesium. In the last article we discovered that chocolate cravings can indicate a Magnesium deficiency so let’s look at what Magnesium does in your body to see the relationship.
Magnesium is needed in your body from mood to muscle. It’s a catalyst in enzyme activity for energy production, and a deficiency interferes with the transmission of nerve & muscle impulses. Lack of Magnesium also causes irritability and nervousness.