Monday, 30 January 2012

Thought blocks

Most thoughts in relation to food choice and body shape are segmented and random - “I want that piece of  cake NOW, pasta for dinner will be quick & easy, I’m having a fat day today”…..and so on through your day.
These thoughts come in response to how you’re feeling in the moment. They are thought blocks.
A block of thought about the cake, then back to work, then a block of thought about dinner, and your thoughts return to what you were doing, a block of thought about how you look in the mirror, then forward thinking to the next thing in your day - feed the cat, pay the bill, the deadline at work...
Whatever you think about comes in short, intense blocks, …bam, bam, bam!!, & you respond to the thought in the moment - eat the cake… set a mental need that pasta is the only dinner solution tonight; and feel negative about yourself all day!

Thought blocks are not training your mind to help you.
For example, what are your thoughts on doing 10 minutes of exercise twice a day?
“It will not achieve much; don’t have time; too rushed in the morning and too tired at night”… Thought blocks that do not take you anywhere.

Thoughts are energy processes that require energy & consume energy. Remember how tired you get from just thinking all day. Energy for thought comes from your stored energy reserves
which are a product of the successful combinations of your bodys’ electrical and chemical reaction to break down food you eat into fuel for ALL the processes required to maintain life.

If you continue to think in thought blocks that respond to the moment, you won’t be able to override or control your body’s habitual cyclical needs. Remember that your body has evolved as a very efficient biological survival unit.
As far as food is concerned, it will instinctively demand (crave) what it knows will keep it alive.
The problem is that your body isn’t capable of making the right choices for total nutrition when it is constantly in a condition of malnutrition.
Your body will make poor choices because your cycle is draining more from your body than is being taken in by your food choices.

As you improve your meal and food choices you will have more cellular nutrition available, more chemical elements in your body - better food giving better biological responses allowing better emotional states, and so on in sequence improving function (health), and the “in the moment” craving will cease.
Between now and then you need to train your thoughts to overcome the thought blocks.

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