Monday, 14 November 2011


What I’m about to write will sound strange & in opposition to most fitness thought.
If you’re a woman with low Iron levels sweating makes it harder to lose weight.
The reason is that Iron & Copper transport Oxygen through the body. A woman's Iron levels vary dramatically through her cycle. Blood stored to support fertility after ovulation means that available Iron levels in the blood reduce. Blood Iron levels are then reinforced by taking Iron from muscles.
When muscles are depleted of Oxygen because your body needs it in the blood, the muscle fatigues faster. In other words you get tired faster. Shortness of breath, heavy & weak muscles are signs that your Iron levels are low. Your body’s sending you a clear message- don’t try as hard. When women wave these signs off & continue to train or work to a point where they sweat they compound the effect of low Iron because sweating reduces Iron levels as well.
Why am I on about Iron when this article is about losing weight?

Because Iron carries Oxygen around the body and low Iron means low Oxygen, and Oxygen is essential for weight loss. Oxygen is the trigger (as a phrase) that allows fat out the cell & into the blood where it’s transported for use as energy IF your meal planning allows it! Without Oxygen, hard as you try, there’s no body fat absorption.  
This is significant as a lot of women have low Iron through part of their cycle.
If you’re sweating through this phase of your cycle you’re losing even more Iron, & as a result reducing your ability to lose weight.
To make matters worse these foods also reduce Iron stores - red wine, coffee & tea.
When you’re meal planning at that time in your cycle when you need your Iron & don’t need to try as hard keep this in mind:

  • Red wine drops Iron.
  • Coffee with cake, not coffee & steak.
  • Tea leaves Iron low
Next week I’m going to turn this on it's ear & let you know when sweating’s great for women's weight loss & body shaping.
Have a good week

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