Monday, 21 November 2011

Aged to perfection

Last week I wrote about how low Iron levels reduce a womans ability to lose body fat. Iron carries Oxygen and low Iron means low available Oxygen in the muscle & blood. Sweating also reduces Iron levels so exercise where you sweat while you have low Iron is a double whammy to your body shaping goals.
Sweating is great for body fat loss when your Iron levels are high.
A womans Iron levels fluctuate consistently from puberty to menopause as part of her inner circle of health. The phases of your cycle when your available Oxygen for fat loss is at its highest are the optimal times to sweat because there will still be Oxygen in your muscles for prolonged exercise.
Prolonged exercise and Oxygen in the blood are essential for fat mobilisation from the fat cell into the bloodstream. (It doesn’t begin as soon as you begin exercising)
As women become older their Iron levels rise. After menopause a womans Iron levels can be elevated by 400% compared to those low Iron phases of her cycle. That’s great news for body shaping and fat loss. A womans consistent Iron levels means her body is now in an Iron rich environment.
When you think about it women live in two different  environments through their lives-:
An Iron rich environment up until puberty and after menopause; and an often Iron poor environment in between.
After menopause there’s the potential for a woman to have the body shape, energy and power she has wanted for the past 25 years but found difficult to achieve because of insufficient Iron levels. Let’s not forget all the other added stresses and responsibilities of mother, partner, businesswoman, home manager, life coach and lover that take time away from getting your ideal shape- all of this while running on low Iron!
The thing is that many older women, after everything I’ve mentioned & so much more, decide that it’s all too hard just when their body has the available internal resources to make it happen. 
Maybe it’s time to change that.
Next week it’s all about chocolate!

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